Friday, March 11, 2005

My first time blogging


This is my first time blogging and I have no idea if anybody in the world will read this or give a darn.

But let me introduce myself. My name is Dave and I'm a New York native who now lives in Michigan. I'm a reporter for a medium-to-large-sized newspaper and love my job.

I work on a baseball Website -- -- with some buddies where we talk baseball, speak the truth and have some fun.

I'm a huge Mets fan and grew up on Long Island in the 1970s and 1980s, so I've certainly experienced the joys and sorrows of the Amazin's. I'm very optimistic about this season, but then again, my buddy Will points out that I'm optimistic about every season.

What do I believe in? With apologies to Crash Davis...

I believe in the glory of traditional uniforms, old baseball cards, fitted caps, authentic jerseys, getting to the ballpark early to watch batting practice and keeping score in the program. I think thowing home run balls back on to the field is a sign of either drunkeness or stupidity. I think the Mets should retire Willie Mays' number because he's Willie Freaking Mays and he played for the Mets. I think Tom Seaver deserved at least two more Cy Young Awards than he got. I think everyone should try to get to an out-of-town ballpark every year and make a pilgrimage to spring training at least once in their lives. I think heckling ballplayers is rude, but a good, long boo is acceptable -- especially cast in the direction of anyone named Chipper Jones.



Tony Hartsfield said...

Welcome to the blogoshpere, friend. I'd suggest that you can now start working on your press credentials with this, but uh, that would be redundant.

I play at and

Anonymous said...

And I am ecstatic that Barry Bonds is not playing this year. Hey, asshole, don't let the door hit you on the way out!